Axe carving course

Pris: 500kr
Learn how to axe carv!

3-10 personer


Introduction to Axe Carving!


The axe is a familiar tool, but it can also be a little intimidating to some, especially while wielding it with just one hand. Most wood carving projects begin with the axe, as it is an efficient and powerful tool, and with practice, it can be precise and accurate.


During this 2 hour course, we will explore the basics of how to use the axe safely and strategically while carving out a spoon blank. Learning these basic techniques will allow the axe carver to confidently navigate their own personal carving projects.


This course is designed for beginners and for those who wish to sharpen up their axe carving skills. Join us as we transform a small log into the beginning stage of a spoon! The event will be taught in English by Adam Ellowitz.


Additionally, there will be a follow up course where we take the spoon blank axed out here, and learn to use two knives to hand carve the rest of your spoon. See the ”Introduction to Woodcarving Course” page for details.


When: April 14th 15:00-17:00


Max participants: 10st


Included: Caving axe


Minimum age: 15 years old (anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult)


Price: 500 kr. To register, please send an email to
Price for Combination Axe and Knife Carving: 1000kr/person (20%discount).